11 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders For Coffee Shop

Selecting the right coffee grinder will greatly affect the quality of the coffee and it needs to be the right coffee grinder specifically for your needs because whether you need a fine grind with espresso machines or rough robusta for your drip coffee maker, it does have a difference.

First, let’s review the 4 different types of grinders we are going to go through in this post so you can have a better understanding of which model would be the best for you.

Espresso Grinder

Espresso grinders are the best choice if you need the best adjustment and fineness options. These grinders will also grind the coffee at a consistent speed with low heat giving the cup the perfect aroma if used the right coffee beans of course. All professional espresso grinders use the burr grinding method.

Burr Grinder

There are two different grinding methods that are burr and blade. Burr grinders have two cylinders that will grind the coffee to the desired size. You can adjust the grind size by choosing the distance of the cylinders, therefore it crushes them either bigger or smaller.

Burr grinder’s perks are that they will grind the coffee without any heat build-up, therefore saving and nurturing the aroma to perfection. With burr grinders, there are many grind sizes to choose from.

Blade Grinder

Blade grinders are like a helicopter’s rotors that spin super fast making them the most simple way of grinding. If using a blade grinder you won’t have as much room to work with the adjustments, finenesses, and size control.

Retail Grinder

Retail grinders are for those who require a massive grinding speed and volume. These bad boys can grind an entire commercial-sized coffee bean bag at once. Retail grinders are for big coffee houses, supermarkets, or professional roaster establishments.


Ultimately the quality of the coffee can be traced back to the coffee bean. There are many things that affect the final aroma and taste of the coffee when the grind is done. Heat and static charge can be produced in the grinding process and these things will change the coffee’s final taste.

Okay, now when the different coffee grinder types are clear and what can affect the taste of the coffee, let’s review our list of 11 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders. We added a couple of grinders for home users as well!

1. Best Overall Commercial Espresso Grinder: Compak K10

This espresso grinder is the ultimate choice for you if you are looking for one that has the makings of a heavy-duty product, will grind excellent coffee with low-noise pollution!

Compak K10 has many great perks like electronic fineness control and its cooling system with a fan ensures that the aroma of the coffee won't get affected!

You don't need to fill this grinder all the time thanks to the large 3.75lb(1.7kg) bean hopper. In addition to that if you need to grind coffee faster than before this grinder gets you covered because it can grind 39lb(17.7kg) in just one hour!

This grinder is a dosing model and you won't need to settle for one dose at a time because you can make two and you will also have 3 different operating modes so the options are vast!

We highly recommend this grinder for any commercial use if you're looking for an easy, fast, big, and beautiful grinder. It won't get much better than this!

2. Best Entry Level Commercial Espresso Grinder: La Pavoni Zip Auto

If you are a beginner with grinders and don't want to invest a lot of money without tipping the water first then this grinder will be an excellent choice for that!

This Italian-made grinder is a great dosing espresso grinder with a digital display! With a push of a button, you can select one or two doses of coffee at a time and with the decent 2.2lb(1kg) bean capacity you won't need to worry about filling it all the time.

The 58mm flat steel burrs ensure that the beans are ground with quality. Some coffee grinders might spill coffee more than wanted but La Pavoni's seal lock hopper that is out of the equation!

We recommend this grinder if you want a professional product at an affordable price without bargain for amazing perks.

3. Best Budget Commercial Espresso Grinder: Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder

Have you ever wondered that if there is a powerful espresso grinder with a lot of room to work with that has an affordable price? Let me introduce the Baratza Vario coffee grinder!

This one is truly in its own class when comparing to the affordability because it has electronic dosing with a digital control panel which lets you choose between 3 grind and dosing options and mind-blowing 230 fineness settings so there isn't a style that you can't make with this grinder.

The cool part about this grinder is that you can grind straight to the portafilter or to the 8oz(225g) bean hopper.
Finally, this grinder is fast! It will grind 1.6g of beans in a second when set to the espresso mode, or 2.2g a second when set to course or french press mode.

This grinder truly is one for the books with versatile perks and extremely affordable prices. We highly recommend this grinder for anyone that needs a great grinder for espresso or normal coffee purposes.

4. Best Espresso Grinder For Home Use: Baratza Sette 30 AP Coffee Grinder

Grinders for home use won't get much amazing when using the Baratza Sette 30 and I will tell you why.

With the digital grinding timer, you can precisely choose the amount of coffee needed and you can even choose a grind setting from 30 different options! Great perks include also a really fast grind time that allows you to grind 3.5g to 5.5g per second.

10oz bean capacity offers more than enough quantities for home use. Also, this grinder has a cool detail which is adjustable arms so it can hold the container on its own and when the two arms are turned it will place the portafilter to the correct position for the coffee therefore no spillage on your countertops!

If you're an espresso or coffee enthusiast at home and want to add a little luxury to the grinding process we highly recommend this product.

5. Best Burr Grinder For Simplicity: Capresso Metal Infinity Burr

This elegant and solid brushed chrome grinder will bring style and efficiency to any kitchen. With amazing reviews and a 4.9-star average satisfaction rating users seem to agree that this is nothing but a quality product. Let's see the perks!
With the pulse burr grinding and a safety lock system, it offers a fast and safe grinding process without forgetting the timer that you can set between 5 - 60seconds. With these perks, a grinder will need great containers to work with and it has! 8.8oz(250g) bean container and a 4oz(115g) ground coffee container will ensure that you can grind enough without the need to stop the process!

The greatest perk this grinder offers is the 16 grind settings to choose from. You can select options from Turkish fine, Espresso, Drip, or Coarse for French Press and you can combine them with the 4 categories which are Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Coarse. It's safe to say that with this affordable price the options are huge!

6. Best Overall Burr Grinder: Baraza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder

Virtuoso + is a great choice if you want to invest in the quality and taste of the coffee. You will notice the weight of it when unboxing which means top-notch parts!

When combining the perks of consistent grinding speed, slowly rotating burrs, and the anti-static design that this burr grinder haves, the aroma of the produced coffee will be of ultimate quality!

In addition to the perks above, this grinder is equipped with a 40-second timer for the exact same coffee quantities, and an 8oz(225g) bean hopper so you can set the timer for large amounts as well. The anti-static ground coffee container is 5oz(140g)a so you will have plenty of room to work with there as well.

The best thing about this grinder is the efficient motor will work in a slow but powerful manner, therefore it won't get overheated giving the cup a great aroma, and a pleasant low noise grinding process for you.
If you are looking for an amazing non-commercial burr grinder, Virtuoso + will be a wise investment for years to come!

7. Best Blade Grinder Used With Drip Makers: Capresso Cool Grind Pro

If you are looking for a cute blade grinder for beans to be used with drip coffee makers, this should get you excited!
The Capresso Cool is a compact-sized, extremely beautiful grinder that has a stainless steel container & blade which will greatly reduce the heat build-up, resulting in more aromatic and tasty coffee.

With the consistent grinding speed and unusually quiet usage, it won't get your nerves to explode when grinding in the morning. Also, a great perk for home use is that it is just ridiculously easy to use so you won't need to assemble all the parts in the morning. Fast and efficient like it should be!

We highly recommend this blade grinder if you are looking for a basic grinder that is easy to use, fast, and extremely affordable!

8. Best Manual Burr Grinder: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

This grinder doesn't look like much but don't let the looks deceive you! It's capable for more than ever imagined, let's review!

If you want to add some nostalgia and work to your coffee grinding process like I personally love to do, without bargaining on the outcome and quality then this one will serve those purposes. With over 18 click settings you can precisely select the size and style of the ground bean so you can make French Press, Drip Coffee, Aeropress, and even Espresso thanks to the high-quality burr grinder.

The thing I love about this grinder is that you can really feel the beans grinding when you turn the crank and you can immediately prepare your coffee after grinding that will result in the tastiest cup of coffee.
If you like to put in a little work before enjoying coffee and really enjoy the process, this grinder will be certainly to your satisfaction!

9. Best Looks Manual Blade Grinder: Peugeot Bresil Coffee Mill, Walnut

If the manual grinder above feels nostalgic, try this on for size! This absolutely beautiful vintage vibed manual burr grinder is the dream of every coffee enthusiast who loves the whole process of coffee making.

This French-made grinder has an adjustable burr grinder that can produce consistently grinded, extremely fine coffee fit for even espressos.
The mill holds 2oz(55g) of coffee so you can grind for multiple cups at once and the bean hopper holds approximately 7tbs of coffee.

This product will make coffee grinding more fun and enjoyable than ever before and if you are a fan of vintage-styled products, what's more fitting than a quality coffee grinder!

10. Best Budget Retail Grinder: Compak R8 Retail Coffee Grinder

Retail grinders aren't made for everywhere because the firepower that these produce is just not needed in most places. However, a large coffee shop, roaster, or a market that provides freshly ground coffee would benefit from a retail coffee grinder.

Let's talk features! This grinder is able to grind 1.1lbs(500g) of coffee beans in just one minute, and with the grinding options from French Press to Turkish Fine, you can grind any type of coffee!

2.2lbs(1kg) bean hopper capacity will ensure that you can grind without interruptions a huge amount of coffee.
This grinder is NSF approved for commercial use and equipped with a 1/2 horsepower motor, cooling fan, and overload protection! Truly a powerful machine.

We recommend this product if you need a super-powerful retail grinder with perks fit for anywhere, you should take a closer look at Compak R8.

11. Best High Volume Retail Grinder: Compak R140 Industrial Coffee Grinder

The most powerful grinder in our list by far is Compak R140 and you will fall from your seat when you hear the features on this one!

This industrial grinder is capable of grinding 6.5lbs(3kg) of beans in one minute! That is just unbelievable. This grinder allows you to make any kind of coffee from the roughest French Press to the finest Turkish coffee.

With the 4.75(2150g) bean hopper, you can grind huge quantities of coffee in one filling, to say the least.
This grinder is of course approved by the NSF and has a cooling system, overload protection, and a beast of a motor with 2 horsepowers.

We recommend this product for anyone who needs the most powerful grinder in the market that will produce any kind of coffee for any purpose imaginable.

Final Words

This concludes our coffee grinder list and we sincerely hope that you found value, knowledge, and potential grinders for your purposes. If you find it difficult to decide which kind of grinder would serve you the best make a list of all the things you need it to have, and really think about the customers, coffees sold, and the ease of use and we are certain you will find the right one for you.

Feel free to share a story about your coffee grinder and grinding experiences in the comment section and let's talk about them!

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