Can Restaurants Block Customers on DoorDash? (Important Rules)

Doordash is one of the very many third-party delivery options available in the US. Since the inception of the company in 2013, the company has done its best to become of the major stakeholders in on-demand food delivery today. Their services are available today in more than 850 cities in Canada, Australia, and the US. In addition, they have one of the largest market shares in the United States’ food delivery industry. Even though Doordash is extremely useful for restaurants, some situations arise when their services might not be needed. The question is, can restaurants decide to stop orders from Doordash? 

Restaurants can block customers on the platform if they choose to do so for several reasons like inadequate staffing, high rate of commission, or listing without permission. There are many ways a restaurant can go about this decision. 

In this article, we will explore how a restaurant can block orders from Doordash. Also, we would take you through some reasons why restaurants would want that in the first instance. 

Can restaurants block their customers on Doordash?

Restaurants can block their customers on Doordash for many reasons (Why Do Restaurants Disappear From Doordash) (Why Do Restaurants Disappear From Doordash). The process of doing that is easy, and it depends on why the customer is doing so.  

The platform allows restaurants to block their customers sometimes temporarily. That is in situations where they are short-staffed, too busy, or cannot receive orders for some reason. 

At the same time, a customer can decide to block orders on the website by opting out permanently from the platform. This happens for several reasons, and we will discuss that later in the course of this review.    

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Why would restaurants block their customers on Doordash?

A restaurant can decide to block their customers on Doordash for many reasons. Doordash is a helpful platform where restaurants can pull more customers to themselves, even for free. At the same time, it could cause some issues, especially if you get listed without your permission. The following are some reasons why a restaurant might decide to do that:

Inadequate staffing

Business is hard to predict most times. Some days you plan for massive orders, and then you only see a few orders. Some other days, you get so many orders that you are not prepared for. 

The problem here is, a restaurant is not like most other businesses. When people place orders at your restaurant, they do so because they are hungry and need food as fast as possible. You must attend to them swiftly; otherwise, you risk losing them to competition. 

To avoid such scenarios, you can block your orders whenever you feel understaffed and cannot respond to anyone. A customer that cannot find you is better off than one that you end up disappointing. 

High rate of commission

The commission fee that goes to delivery services like Doordash is sometimes too high for the restaurants. As a result, some restaurants want their customers to order directly from them. This means they can control the price they pay on each delivery and use whichever service the restaurant feels is best for profit.  

Listing without permission   

Doordash and many other third-party delivery apps today list many restaurants without giving their owners prior notice. This shouldn’t be a problem since it means more orders for the restaurant, but it comes with a few issues. 

The first problem is that Doordash does not have a partnership with these restaurants. Therefore they can not get a commission for deliveries. So, to make a profit, they increase some of these products for the end consumer. 

There is also the issue of wrong orders. Some restaurants have complained that they get random orders from Doordash that are not on their menu. This happens when Doordash’s system wrongly scrapes menus from the internet and matches it with the wrong names. Restaurants would have to start explaining themselves when these wrong orders come.  

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Can a restaurant opt-out of DoorDash?

A restaurant can decide to opt out of Doordash. The process is easy and straightforward. You have to visit the website’s support and fill the form to have your restaurant removed from the platform. The process can take up to 2 days, but then, after two days, your restaurant is out of the platform. 

Alternatively, you can call customer support and ask that they remove your account or your menu. The customer service might ask you why. Be sure to give your reasons and be sure that they understand what you want. Like the first method, this might take up to 24 hours before it takes effect. 

The idea is you need to keep checking to be sure they have deleted your menu or restaurant from the platform. If you notice they are yet to do so, you can call them again to remind them. 

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Why is a restaurant closed on DoorDash?

A restaurant can appear as closed on Doordash for several reasons. Firstly, network issues and application bugs can be responsible for that in some cases. In this case, simply closing the app and opening it again might be all you need to resolve the issue. 

In some other cases, a closed restaurant probably is one that the owner does not want to receive orders at the present moment. Maybe such an owner is too busy to receive orders. Or maybe the owner is facing staffing issues and cannot handle your request at the moment. To solve this issue, you might have to wait until the owner is free. In the alternative, you might use any other vendor that is available on the platform. 

A restaurant that is in the process of opting out of Doordash might also appear as closed on the platform. Unfortunately, if this is the case, there is nothing you can do.  

Doordash is a handy platform where restaurants can deliver food to their customers. Sometimes, the platform can be a burden for the limited staff or list restaurants without permission. In situations like this and many more, restaurant owners might request to block orders from the platform. Thankfully, the process of doing this is straightforward.     

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