How Much Does a Commercial Dishwasher Cost: Quick Answer

Commercial dishwashers are mothers of the restaurant businesses and they keep the establishment up and running consistently. It is a dark day when a dishwasher breaks when it’s the busiest hour in the day and hundreds of pieces of dinnerware, restaurant equipment, and supplies go unwashed.

This is why it’s important to invest in a proper commercial dishwasher without holding anything back because a bad dishwasher is worse than no dishwasher. This does raise the question of how much does a commercial dishwasher costs?

Depending on the size, model, brand, features, and purpose, a commercial dishwasher can cost anywhere between $3000 and $120,000. On average, a commercial dishwasher costs $13,975.

I researched the prices of conveyor, under counter, single, and double rack commercial dishwashers and concluded that when I examined them individually and took the most expensive and least expensive models from both low temperature and high-temperature ones, the $13,975 was the average cost that I got.

Let’s take a look at every kind of dishwasher individually, and both low and high temp models, and see how the prices really divide. We’ll start with the commercial conveyor dishwasher. P.S My research was done with Webstaurantstore’s dishwashers.

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Conveyor dishwasher

Conveyor dishwashers are used in huge restaurants etc., where the volume is huge. The way conveyor dishwashers work is to pass dishes either from the left or right side only by placing the rack to the automatic line. They are the most expensive type as well.

Conveyor DishwasherLowest CostHighest CostAverage Price
High-Temperature Models$10,249$60,999$40,748
Low-Temperature Models$10,249$41,924$26,086

Single rack dishwasher

Single rack dishwashers are usually found in small kitchens where there isn’t such a big need for constant dishwashing. As the name reveals, a single rack dishwasher can wash one rack at a time. However, there are pretty powerful ones out there that do clean really fast.

Single Rack DishwasherLowest CostHighest CostAverage Price
High-Temperature Models$4,509$22,016$13,262
Low-Temperature Models$2,719$14,628$8674

Double rack dishwasher

You guessed it, double rack dishwashers can wash two racks at a time, so they have more firepower than single rack dishwashers, and they are usually found in medium-sized kitchens that don’t require a conveyor dishwasher.

There is a little downside for you high temp dishwasher lovers; they really don’t construct high temp double rack dishwashers for some reason, so below, you can only see the low temp prices.

Double Rack DishwasherLowest CostHighest CostAverage Price
Low-Temperature Models$2,999$4,260$3,629

Under counter dishwasher

Under counter, dishwashers are the perfect choice for washing glasses under the bar’s counter or washing cutlery or some other smaller items with less hurry than dinnerware or cooking supplies.

Under Counter DishwasherLowest CostHighest CostAverage Price
High-Temperature Models$3,239$6,770$5004,5
Low-Temperature Models$2,999$4,260$3,629

As we can see, commercial dishwashers aren’t the cheapest pieces of equipment. If you have a quick eye, you might have noticed that most of the dishwashers don’t cost +$50,000, which brings down the average to $13,975 however, keep in mind that there are +$100,000 priced industrial dishwashers out there.

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How much does it cost to install a commercial dishwasher

On average, a commercial dishwasher installation costs $350, and it usually falls between $175-$525. However, the installation cost can vary even more depending on the dishwasher’s size, model, installation company, and your establishment’s outlets.

Why is dishwasher installation so expensive

Dishwasher installation is expensive because of the knowledge and skill required to install it properly. Even if the installation doesn’t take super long, the knowledge and skill set were honed for years, which costs the most. The cost varies drastically between models and technologies.

Why are commercial dishwashers so fast

In general, commercial dishwashers are so fast because of their power and technology. Also, commercial dishwashers use either extremely high heat (150-180°F, 65-82°C) with a lot of pressure or powerful sanitizers to wash the items so fast.

Why is it a good idea to have a commercial dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers are superior because they can wash fast and consistently large quantities of dishes. In addition, there are many features such as customizable cycles, high temperatures, specifically designed cleaning attributes, high pressure, and various speed and sanitation options.

Do commercial dishwashers require a hood

This varies between high-temperature and low-temperature dishwashers. Commercial high-temperature dishwashers require a condensate hood because they produce hot steam that needs to be removed. However, low-temperature dishwashers don’t produce steam, so they can operate without one.

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Can you use a commercial dishwasher at home

Technically you can use a commercial dishwasher at home. This depends greatly on the dishwasher you intended to apply, in addition to whether one can be installed in your home or not. There are also commercial dishwashers specifically made for home use so that those models would work perfectly for the purpose.


Commercial dishwashers aren’t the most affordable equipment, but they are one of the most important, that’s for sure. No commercial restaurant can function without a proper dishwasher, so it should be bought, installed, cleaned, and maintained properly.

I hope that this article was helpful to you. and that you now understand how much money you need to have before even thinking about getting a commercial dishwasher and some estimates about the models that would benefit you the best.

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